Top 10 Best Wall Tapestries for Guys : Buying Guide in 2021

There are many items in the market for home decoration. But nothing beats a piece of tapestry with vivid colors and patterns. It adds fancy, and a touch of elegance to the home no matter where you hang it. Tapestries are so versatile that people place them on the floors, clothes, furniture, walls, etc.

Gone was the day when people ignored this home décor piece. A new trend of tapestries has emerged, and you can now find different styles, prints, and colors to match different folks. The best part is that they are affordable and easily accessible, as well.

So, if you are thinking of transforming your home with one of the best tapestries for guys in the market? We’ve got you covered in this review.

You’ll find ten of the best brands in the market and choose the perfect one for your taste. Also, our buying guide in this review will help you to nail it once.

The best part! If this is your first time using a tapestry in your home and doesn’t know how to hang it, we have prepared a tutorial for you too.

Top 10 Best Wall Tapestries for Guys Reviews

1. Madhu International Mandala Gold Tapestries

How about spicing up your home décor with a 100% cotton tapestry from India? Madhu is a trusted brand that focuses on adding beauty to both your outdoor and indoor spaces.

This is one company that provides one of the best wall tapestries in the market today. So, investing in this Mandala gold tapestry will be satisfactory and impressive.

This tapestry is made with vibrant designs and colors that will add beauty to your home. The material is cotton, which makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Not only is this item durable, but the edges are also hand-sewn to ensure a natural finish. You don't have to worry about compatibility with your home décor. Madhu made this piece with colors that can suit others perfectly.

Most people use tapestries for outdoor activities, while others prefer it in their homes. Wherever you wish to use it, this product got your back. You can use it to decorate your indoor spaces, or you can use it for outdoor requirements.

It can be a substitute for your picnic blankets, beach blankets, or a camping blanket. No matter what you want, bear in mind that this mandala tapestry is very sturdy and can take the brunt of the usage.

One of the exciting things about this tapestry is that you can wash it in your machine with cold water and dry it with much ease.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cotton material ensures user’s comfort
  • Hand-sewn edges enhance durability
  • Machine washable material promotes ease of use
  • Mandala designs and robust colors to match every decor
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Multi-purpose style and design for every requirement.

2. Bless International Indian Hippie Bohemia Psychedelic Peacock Mandala Wall

If you will love to hang a masterpiece from many craftsmen and talented artists, here is the right product for you. It's not just for your indoor delight alone, but you can use it outdoors and enjoy nature on a sturdy and comfortable tapestry.

This Indian-made Mandala item features amazing designs that'll enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment.

The material is 100% cotton and nothing less. Anybody with sensitive skin can use this tapestry for anything, even on the bed.

Bless International ensures that this power-loom construction tapestry lasts longer than others by hemming the edges. You can use it for as long as you want without issues.

We love this particular tapestry because it's very versatile. It serves as a table cloth, furniture cover, bed cover, dorm/college decoration, picnic and beach blanket, curtain, shop decoration, etc.

Anywhere you want to hang it, you're going to get the most out of it due to the beautiful designs on it.

Another important thing to commend about this tapestry is the dedication and skills which the manufacturers put into it.

According to them, they'll rather keep a customer waiting than using machines to print. Instead, they spend time to perfect the design and offer one of the best-handcrafted tapestries in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cotton material promotes user’s comfort
  • Hemmed edges ensure durability, aesthetic appeal and improved appearance
  • Suitable for diverse application
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Entirely handmade by Indian craftsmen and artists.

3. Ocean Wave Tapestry Sunset

Many people often travel to specific spots around their state to watch the sunset. What if you can recreate such a fantastic sight in your living room?

This product here is one of the best tapestries for guys available in the market. We know that guys love to commune with nature, and this Ocean Wave masterpiece is a good option.

The material of this tapestry is 100% polyester. Although it's not a breathable material, polyester never wrinkles and, as such, remains beautiful always. Moreover, this fabric is lightweight, soft, and durable.

The lightweight nature makes packing, hanging, and handling a breeze. Also, you can use it as long as you want without the need for replacement. The best part is that you can wash it, dry it, and iron it by yourself.

As for the designs, this tapestry from Japan features colors that can transform your home without much effort on your part.

The edges are hemmed to ensure a smooth and beautiful finish. You can use this tapestry for many things. It can serve as your bedspread, beach throws, window curtain, sofa covers, etc.

We also love the sizes. The manufacturers provided different options for the user who may want to get it for different uses. So, no matter what you have in mind, there's a right size available for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Features sunset designs for a breathtaking appearance
  • 100% polyester material ensures durability and ease of use
  • Made by Japanese Craftsmen with delicate hemming and vivid colors
  • It comes in various sizes for diverse applications

4. Sunset Forest Tapestry Wall Hanging with Inverted Triangle

Are you looking for a touch and feel of nature in your home? This hand-made tapestry is just right for you. It is suitable for anything or anywhere you have in mind.

That forest-like appearance depicted on this tapestry might just be what you need to de-stress easily. It adds beauty and a calm aura to home. Hanging it anywhere will improve the appearance of your indoor space.

This particular tapestry comes in a synthetic material. The manufacturers used microfiber peach- one of the most durable materials in the market to make it. You can use it as long as you want and never have any cause for complaints.

In case you’re wondering, microfiber outlasts a natural material such as cotton. The former can withstand elements for a long time, but the latter can break down after a long time.

Apart from the durable material, the edges of this tapestry were sewn firmly to ensure a perfect finish.

No matter where you use this tapestry, you'll enjoy your money's worth for many years to come. It can serve as your table cloth, window curtain, bed cover, bedspread, beach forts, etc.

Highlighted Features 

  • Microfiber Peach fabrics ensure durability
  • Suitable for diverse applications
  • Features 4 size options for multiple purposes
  • Can be washed with hands or machine as required
  • Serves as both indoor and outdoor tapestry

5. The ART Box Indian Mandala Wall hanging Tapestry

Do you know that Mandala art has been existing for more than 2000 years now? This art never fades in appearance and always holds its ground in the industry.

It is not surprising that the Indian artists behind this particular tapestry chose to focus on creating something this fascinating. You can appreciate the preciseness, focus, and dedication invested in crafting this item manually.

This particular décor piece is suitable for the walls of your home. You can use it to transform a dull-looking wall to a beautiful sight.

It can serve as a yoga mat, couch cover, wall decoration, or as many things you can require to do. Also, when you want to enjoy a quiet or romantic tie outdoors, you can use this beautiful tapestry to create a colorful atmosphere.

The material is cotton, and that's why you can use it as a bed cover if you have sensitive skin. So, if you've been skeptical about amazing tapestries, it's time to let go of your fears and enjoy the beautiful effect it brings to your home.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for indoor decorations to transform a home
  • Works for outdoor fun such as beach days or picnics
  • Perfect for multiple applications
  • Made from cotton material

6. Ice Jazz Mountain Cave and Waterfall Tapestry

One of the most calming sight you can behold is a waterfall surrounded by greenery, trees, and rays of the sun. We can't help but recommend this tapestry for workaholics who'll love to feel nature's embrace whenever they step into their homes.

This Ice Jazz item is worth every penny you invest in it. It will transform your home into a comfortable heaven and bring peace to your spirit anytime.

This particular item is a beautiful work of art created to transform every living space.

The material is pure polyester to ensure an unchanging appearance from day one to many years to come. Many users prefer this material since it doesn’t fold or wrinkle. It is soft to touch and also very durable.

You can use this tapestry anywhere in your home or outside for picnics and beach time. It can transform your rooms with its vivid colors and patterns. Use it as wall decoration, couch or bed covers, or even as a gift item to your loved ones.

One thing we love is that you can maintain this tapestry without stress. It's either you hand-wash it, or you use your washing machine to do the job.

Highlighted Features

  • Amazing natural designs with beautiful colors
  • Made of polyester material for durability
  • Doesn’t wrinkle no matter the use
  • Serves for multiple applications
  • Hand/machine washable
  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor uses

7. Exclusive Black and White Tapestry by JaipurHandloom Mandala Tapestry

Every home should be unique and reflects the style and preferences of the owner. If your living space has been just ordinary and you want to redefine your person, this ethnic mandala tapestry is for you.

The design is simply excellent, and the tapestry art speaks to the beholders. You can use it to transform your ordinary space into an amazing comfortable heaven.

Many users love the cotton material of this black and white tapestry. It makes it soft and comfortable, especially when you use it as a bedspread. Well, that's not the only place to use it.

It works well as your window curtain, wall decoration, altar cloth, couch cover, sofa cover, and bed cover. You can also use it anywhere it pleases you while decorating your home. It brings other colors out when placed in the room.

Moreover, you can use this particular tapestry for outdoor activities. It can serve as a picnic blanket, yoga mat, beach towel, and camping companion.

This Indian Tapestry is durable and also promotes ease of use. You can wash it with your hands since the material is not hard.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Made of cotton material
  • Beautiful colors for every decoration purposes
  • Clear and even pattern all through the material
  • Offers diverse application and easy to maintain

8. TENALY Tapestry Wall Hanging with Art Decorations

You can complete the appearance of your home without adding this piece of a beautiful tapestry. The color and designs are simply breathtaking.

So, if you've been looking for a multi-purpose decoration item for your home, this one got your back. Once you hang it on your walls or anywhere in your home, step back and behold the amazing transformation, it will bring.

One of the things we love about this tapestry is that you can clean it very easily and quickly. It's made of polyester material, which ensures durability and a continued beautiful appearance.

Yes! The tapestry does not wrinkle nor break down as the years go by. You can use it for a long time without complaints.

Users love this tapestry because it serves multiple purposes. It can be your table cloth, dorm decoration, beach shawl, blanket, picnic spread, bedspread, etc.

This Kanagawa tapestry is one of the great additions to your wall, bed, or ceiling. Moreover, it doesn’t irritate the skin and can provide a comfortable cover under and over your body.

Highlighted Features

  • Serves Multiple purposes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Features beautiful designs, pattern, and colors
  • Made of Polyester fabric for durability
  • Hand/machine washable

9. Sunshine Joy 3D Epic Tropical Paradise Surf Wave Palm Tree Tapestry

Indians and Crafts are like Siamese twins, and this particular tapestry is proof of that. This Indian decoration item features beautiful colors and designs suitable for your home.

The owners made it to transform an ordinary-looking space into a colorful sight. Instead of living in a dull environment, why not utilize this beautiful piece from the experts to liven up your space. You can use it anywhere and for different purposes.

This cool tapestry with inspiring artwork and color can serve as your window curtain, wall decoration, couch cover, and table cloth.

You can also use it for outdoor activities such as on beach days when the sun is fierce. Let it serve as your cover against the wind or the sun outside.

One thing we appreciate is the ease of hanging. The brand added loops at the corners to help users when trying to hang it.

Moreover, the tapestry is huge enough for most applications. Also, anybody can use this tapestry since it is made of cotton material.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with soft cotton material
  • Versatile for multiple purposes
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors applications
  • Comes with loops for easy hanging
  • Transforms indoor space with beautiful colors and design.

10. Sunm Boutique Wall Hanging Tapestry for Home Decoration

Most people find it difficult sleeping after a whole day, hustles and bustle. But you can have a different experience with this dreamy tapestry from Sunm.

Hanging it on the wall of your bedroom and looking at it from the comfort of your bed can surprisingly lull you to sleep any day.

One of the things we like is the material. It comes in microfiber peach material that lasts longer than most.

The fabric is soft and also suitable for people with sensitive skin. The printing on the material is high-quality and will remain vivid no matter the extended use.

This galaxy tapestry is suitable for all your decoration needs. You can hang it on the wall, use it as a bed cover or even use it at the beach. Some people use it as their table cloth while others hang it as their window curtains.

No matter the position you place it, your home will never look the same again. Even if you use it to cover your furniture, expect a transformation worth every penny of your investment.

Highlighted features

  • Serves Multiple decoration purposes
  • Made of 100% microfiber peach
  • Features a durable HD printing
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Vivid colors and patterns for breathtaking transformation

Things to Consider Before Buying wall tapestries

No matter how knowledgeable you are about tapestries, you should still look before leaping. Sometimes, shoppers tend to forget that there are important factors that must be present for a tapestry to be perfect.

This buying guide will discuss some of the things you need to check before investing in any brand.

Don’t look at the hype! Ignore the façade and check the few pointers in this guide. That way, you’ll go home smiling.

1. Tapestry Fabrics

If you want to pick a tapestry that will last very long, you can’t overlook the importance of the material. Durable material means that you can use your piece for a very long time.

If you carelessly pick a brand not made with a good fabric, it’ll lead to double investment. So, take your time before deciding.

For instance, there are tapestries made with cotton in the market, while others are made with polyester and synthetic materials. If you decide to buy a cotton tapestry, bear in mind that it'll wrinkle easily and lose its aesthetic appeal.

But it is usually the best for people who have sensitive skin to avoid irritation. Moreover, cotton tapestries don't emit unpleasant odors in the home.

As for polyester, this material is recommended if you don't want your tapestry to ever wrinkle. But remember, polyester is not a breathable material.

Lastly, you can consider synthetic fabrics if you want to place them on the wall or the windows. Don't use them on the bed or on your blanket. They may cause irritation and discomfort.

2. Style

There are many styles of tapestries in the market, and your choice depends on where or what you want to do. Some styles are better suited for the walls, windows, bedrooms, furniture, etc. you can find brands with vivid patterns and some with subtle hues. It all depends on your choice.

Some tapestries feature natural scenes that can bring calm to your mind while relaxing on your bed.

You can also find some styles where animal scenes are predominant. Some other brands feature simple floral designs or patterns, while others are just simple basic patterns.

To choose the best style, always consider the décor of your home or your target location. It will guide you to select the best style for more elegance.

3. Types of Tapestry

Before shopping for a tapestry, it's best to know the available types. This knowledge will help you to decide on the best one for you and what will suit your home perfectly. So, presently, we have the following types of tapestries.

  • The Medieval tapestry
  • Hand-woven tapestry
  • Screen-printing/Indian tapestry
  • Patchwork Tapestry
  • European Tapestry
  • French tapestry
  • Bohemian Tapestry
  • Mandala Tapestry, etc.

When it comes to types, you can be amazed at the many types out there for different festivals, room décor, party décor, and overall home transformation.

So, research the types and decide the most suitable one for you. That way, you'll avoid the regret of buying an unsuitable one.

4. Hanging Method

Some people who haven't used this home décor tool for the first time should be mindful of the hanging method.

Ideally, the manufacturer of the tapestry should lay out the instructions on how to hang the item. But if there is no clear instruction, they sometimes specify the best way to hang it to help buyers.

Some tapestries are the best-hung from a rod attached to the upper side of the fixture underneath the seam. This way, you can achieve a seamless appearance that makes the tapestry flawless and beautiful.

But, the hanging method is not the same for every type of tapestry. Some brands are better hanged from the curtain-like rod using curtain hooks or even fabric loops.

So, check the brand to find out the hanging method before investing in it.

5. Sizing

A tapestry has many uses in the home. You can hang it on the wall, the window, the furniture, or any place you want. Since there are many uses for this item, manufacturers create it in different sizes to suit the diverse needs of the buyers.

Some tapestries are huge. These ones are made for furniture or feature walls. There are some medium-sized tapestries as well. They are suitable for showers, curtains, walls or table cloths, bedding, window treatments, or dorm room decoration.

You can also use the medium-sized tapestries to visit the beach. Just spread them on the ground and use them as blankets for picnics, beach fun, concerts, or music festivals outdoors.

The small-sized tapestries are suitable for simple decorations around the house. They don't cost much, but they'll add beauty to the home.

You can also find the round-shaped tapestries that serve as tablecloths. So, the size is many. It's left for you to grab the right one depending on your purpose.

6. Buyer’s Reviews

Our reason for recommending that you read the customer reviews is to equip you more. If you can research these wide range of tapestries one by one, that’ll be great.

But if you can’t, check what other buyers have to say about a brand before you invest in it. Moreover, you can ask one or two questions about the brand from others who have used it.

That way, you’ll get to know how durable a particular product is and everything about a brand’s customer support system or warranty.

How to hang wall tapestries 


There are many ways to hang a tapestry. Sometimes, the method differs from hanging depending on the type you bought. But as we present different ways of hanging wall tapestries, you'll surely get the method that will work for you.

Use a Velcro

The first method to explore is securing your tapestry with a Velcro. We recommend this method for people who are not planning to drill a hole. It's especially necessary if you're living in a rental apartment.

So, get a self-adhesive Velcro and use it to attach the piece of tapestry to your wall. Apart from preventing the holes on the walls, it will also help you to avoid holes in the tapestry itself.

Hang your tapestries with pushpins or nails

Here is another simple but amazing way of hanging a wall tapestry. There is no complicated process in this method. Just nail the tapestry to the wall or use the pushpins to do it.

You have two options or styles when it comes to this method. You can nail the corners of the tapestry to the wall or attach it with a line of nails across the upper side.

The former may be neater, but the latter will be firmer. But it's best to use this style on tapestries that feature very large weaves.

Get a Rod that has finials

Before considering this method, you have to be sure that your tapestry comes with a hanging rod pocket. Check the edge of the top side to know if it comes with this feature.

Most of the modern tapestries in the market today come with this rod pocket, and it makes hanging easy and simple. What you'll now do is to use a curtain-like rod to hang your tapestry.

Simply add brackets to your wall and hang the rod. But remember, the tapestry will not rest on the wall. There will be a distance between the wall and the tapestry due to the bracket.

Also, while choosing the rod, get the specific ones made for tapestries. Yes! There are some like that. If you can't find them, use your curtain rods and do the trick. But make sure that the rod will rightly fit into a tapestry pocket to avoid issues.

For the diameter to get, check the weight of your tapestry and decide accordingly. The length should be such that the finals will go past the tapestry edges.

While fixing the bracket, make sure that it is 1 cm or ½ inch away from your wall to protect the wall from moisture. Once you’re done with these stages, find the studs on the wall and drill even holes to attach the brackets.

After attaching the brackets, push the tapestry rod or curtain rod through the tapestry pocket. Attach your finials to both ends of the tapestry rod and finally hang it on the bracket for a breathtaking view.

Hang your tapestry with a baseboard

In this method, you’ll be hanging the tapestry against your walls using a rod pocket. So, this means you’ll still need to buy a tapestry with a back pocket to accommodate the rod.

You can enjoy the perks since it will now ensure a flatter and straighter look after hanging. To complete this method, get a baseboard or piece of flat wood.

But make sure that the wood is shorter than your tapestry in width. Don’t forget to check if it fits snugly into the tapestry rod pockets.

Afterward, it's time to drill the holes. Go to the ends of the baseboard and drill a hole, ensuring that the distances are equal and centered. Don't forget to check the screws you'll be using before drilling the holes. This is to ensure a perfect fit.

Once you’re through, find the studs and mark the locations of the screw using the baseboard. After pinpointing these locations, drill the holes on them to match the ones you already made on the baseboard.

If you want to achieve a straight look, level the baseboard very well before drilling the hole. Now, if you have your wall anchors, now is the best time to insert them. But if you don't have them, go ahead.

After taking care of the above operations, locate the tapestry rod pocket at the upper side and slide your baseboard into it. Now, bring the screws you'll use and screw them to the wall through the baseboard.

First, complete one side and move over to the other side. If you have a wall anchor, it's still okay since it will ensure the stability of the screws.

Once you're through, take a step backward to peruse your handwork. This is to check if you achieved an even look or crooked appearance.

Mounting your tapestry on Stretchers

If you’ll love to achieve a stiff background for your tapestry, this method is for you.

All it requires is to use fabric and stretch it over a frame to attach your tapestry all over the fabric. One thing about this method is that it creates a fine border for the tapestry.

To use this method, you'll first need to create your wooden frame. Get four pieces of wood and cut them according to the length you want for the project. Make sure the wood is thin as well and not the thick type.

Now, get study material and stretch it over the wooden frame you've created. Grab some wood staples and hold the material on the frame. After stapling the material, bring your tapestry and place it on the material.

Now start sewing it onto the material with cotton thread along the tapestry edges. Make staggering  stitches that are large enough to hold the tapestry on the material over the frame.

Don't forget to use a matching color to sew so that no one will see the threads on the tapestry.

After stitching the tapestry onto the frame, hang it as you would a normal picture in a frame. Remember, you can also buy a frame for the tapestry if you want. It all depends on how you want it to appear in your home.

There are many methods you can explore while hanging a tapestry. It all depends on what you want. However, these five methods will do just fine and help you to achieve a beautiful look.

Final words

Tapestries add an unexplainable attractive aura in a home. The colors, the designs, and even the awesome styles can transform a dull apartment into a colorful haven.

No matter the decorative items you’ve gathered, a piece of the tapestry can create an enthralling effect in your home. When you then combine with other items, your home will be colorful and delightful.

There are many competing brands out there. If you're not careful, selecting the best will be difficult. That's why we took our time to select nine of the best tapestries in the market for your satisfaction.

These brands got your back in style, design, durability, and comfort. Take your time and check them thoroughly so that you can go home smiling.

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